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Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?


What is the first thing you think of when you hear “laser eye surgery”? Most people have no idea what to expect during the procedure itself, and its understandable they may have some fear and anxiety.

What many people don’t realize is that laser eye surgery is one the safest elective procedures in the world.

Of the 100,000 adults in the UK that undergo laser eye surgery each year, the most common question is “will it hurt?”. This fear of the unknown holds many people back from even considering laser eye surgery in the first place.

Thankfully, in this article we will answer that question by letting you know what to expect before, during and after the procedure. We will also cover best practices on how to prepare for laser eye surgery.
Is There Pain Before The Procedure?

You will be pleased to know patients will not feel any pain before the procedure.
Your surgeon will numb your eyes with a local anesthetic. Feel comfort knowing that our medical staff will only commence the procedure once you are 100% comfortable.

Is There Pain During The Procedure?

The first step in laser eye surgery is to prepare your cornea for the treatment. This first step creates a “LASIK flap”, and the second step is to lift that flap and “reshape the cornea.”


In order to create the LASIK flap, we use a highly specialized laser that takes about 15-20 seconds per eye to do so. During this part of the laser eye surgery, patients sometimes mention that they feel “pressure.”
Once the cornea is prepared, the surgeon will use a special instrument to hold your eyelids open for the rest of the procedure. Once your cornea is ready for the second step, we will gently lift back  the LASIK flap and use a second laser to reshape your cornea according to the exact measurements we gathered at your initial exam.

Laser eye surgery is generally pain free due to the anaesthetic they put in your eye. A lot of patients seem to have a feeling of “pressure” on the eye while the laser is working – but this only takes anywhere between 30-45 seconds.


You will feel relaxed knowing that there are sophisticated eye trackers tracking all involuntary eye movement during your procedure.


Laser Eye Surgery only takes about 12-15 minutes to complete!

Is There Pain After The Procedure?

After your laser eye surgery is complete, your vision might be a little blurry for 4-6 hours as your eyes are healing. We also recommend that you take a couple Ibuprofen to offset any temporary discomfort you may experience. Finally, you may experience some temporary dryness of the eye.


As we have disrupted some nerve endings during the procedure, your eyes need some time to heal and you will be provided eye drops prior to the surgery.


The good news is, most patients go back to regular activities within 24 -48 hours.

How Do I Prepare For Laser Eye Surgery?

There is very little preparation that you need to do for your procedure. However, if you wear contact lenses, there is a little “homework” you need to do. In order to help prepare your cornea for the treatment we ask that you stop wearing your contact lenses 7 days prior to the procedure.


The reason for this is because contact lenses alter the shape of your cornea, and you want a relaxed cornea for the procedure as it enables us gather the most up to date diagnostics of your eye.

On the actual day of the procedure, we encourage you to eat as you normally would, since you’ll only be given a local eye anaesthetic.


Many of our patients have found it helpful to talk to others who have had a laser vision correction procedure and may be able to give tips or advice on their own experiences. Not only will this help you to prepare better, but you’ll be able to find out how straightforward and pain-free the procedure really is.
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