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Cataracts and your treatment options

The lens of the eye is normally clear, but a cataract causes it to become cloudy and vision deteriorates.  This may be quite gradual and the first signs may be a change in your glasses prescription. Sometimes it  can make bright lights, such as oncoming headlights, appear uncomfortably bright. You may also notice that colours are not as vibrant as they once seemed. Later your vision will be blurred even with glasses, like looking through a misted window.  Initially this may occur in one eye more than the other, but cataracts will usually affect both eyes at some point.

The commonest cause is ageing, and most cataracts develop in people over 60 (although they can appear much earlier in some people). However other factors such as smoking, sunshine and diabetes can have important effects.

Cataracts are treated by replacing your natural, cloudy lens  with a lens that focuses correctly. Cataract surgery is a safe operation, performed on many thousands of people each week. It’s estimated that, worldwide, over 12 million procedures are performed each year – more than any other surgical procedure. The operation is the same as refractive lens exchange surgery and a permanent intraocular lens (IOL) is placed in the eye. The latest intraocular lenses such as  have transformed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives and they can now safely drive and read without glasses.

What will your cataract treatment include?

  • A comprehensive assessment carried out by our experienced optometrist and clinical team
  • Consultation and assessment with your surgeon, Mark Wevill
  • The cataract procedure at our state-of-the-art clinic with all facilities included
  • Highest quality, biocompatible  intraocular Lens
  • Post-operative consultations and accompanying medication during your initial recovery

To find out more about how our cataract treatments work, or if you’d like to know about other treatments for your eyes, you can give us a call on 01926 282282 or just complete our consultation form. We will be only too happy to talk to you about cataract surgery or anything else you may wish to discuss regarding our vision care solutions.

Premium multifocal lenses

A trifocal lens, such as Finevision, not only treats your cataract, but also turns back the clock to restore much of your ability to:

  • - to read, write or perform any precision work;
  • - to work on your computer or do anything requiring good intermediate vision at distances  of 40 cm to 1 m;
  • - for all of your daily activities that are better without glasses, such as sports and going for walks.

PDF-download-iconRead about the experience of  having premium lens replacement

Your new window on the world

Finevision is the first TRI-Focal lens combining state of the art lens technology with a diffractive, appodized and convoluted surface, which optimises distance, intermediate & close vision.

FineVision is a considerable step forward in multi-focal lens technology reducing glare & halos and other visual disturbances while providing excellent intermediate and far vision. FineVision is designed to reduce the loss of light energy, resulting in performance that is good in both bright light and low light situations and gives high contrast sensitivity.

As with all lens replacements some side effects, such as glare or halos, can occasionally be experienced although these usually decrease over time.

Recent studies have shown that a significant proportion of patients with a trifocal intraocular lens implant can live completely without the need for glasses. Overall reported satisfaction rate with this lens is reported as 93%. Independence from glasses is reported in 98% of patients and 100% of patients said they would have the surgery again[i].

[i] B. Cochener,  ASCRS 2012 : Comparative visual performances with 3 different diffractive IOLs


We carry out all lens replacement and cataract surgery procedures in our own, state-of-the-art, operating centre. No waiting lists, no lengthy journey to another location, no problems with your follow-up appointments!

Monofocal vision

Monofocal lenses can be a great way correct your vision for one particular distance. You’ll usually need to wear reading glasses to supplement these lenses if you are over the age of 45 –  although a laser reading vision correction  may still be possible.

Regain your window on the world

Our optometrist, Lesley and surgeon, Mark, will be able to discuss your options in detail during your consultation.

We carry out all lens exchange and cataract surgery procedures in our own, state-of-the-art, operating centre. No waiting lists, no lengthy journey to another location, no problems with your follow-up appointments!

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