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Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Halloween Hazard: The Hidden Dangers Of Wearing Colored Contact Lenses

Halloween is around the corner which means so are the fancy dress competitions for scariest costume – What are you doing as – A vampire? A zombie? A Devil? Sounds scary! But not as scary as the consequences of wearing cosmetic contact lenses! They can cause so much trouble that in the USA it’s illegal to purchase any of kind of contact lens from anywhere other than an optician, and when you only get one pair of eyes it’s important to look after them! We’ve listed a few tips for keeping your eyes healthy this Halloween!

  1. Contact lenses are not one size fits all! With horror stories with contact lenses becoming stuck ”like a suction cup” to someones eyeball, you want to make sure your contact lenses fit properly. Get an eye exam from an eye care professional who will measure each eye and talk to you about proper contact lens care.
  2. Make sure your lenses include the brand name and expiration date, if the packaging is unmarked, you have no way of knowing where your lenses came from!
  3. Follow strict contact lens care directions for cleaning, disinfecting, and wearing the lenses.
  4. Coloured contact lenses aren’t intended for more than one use, and can harbour bacteria or simply start to disintegrate! Don’t wear them more than once, and don’t share them with anyone else!
  5. Don’t wear your content lenses for longer than 8 hours and DEFINITELY don’t sleep in them! If you experience any kind of irritation, follow up with your eye-care provider.
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