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Advanced Dentistry

Some remarkable technological advances have helped to bring solutions to many difficult dental problems.

Missing teeth? Broken, damaged or decayed teeth?  Unsightly old fillings or discoloured teeth? Worried about your teeth wearing away?

Advanced dental treatments may involve correcting things that have gone wrong, repairing or  reconstructing worn or damaged teeth. Sometimes treatment may be required to correct or prevent infection and disease. Sometimes the problems will have developed gradually – possibly over many years, and occasionally problems may develop suddenly.

Whatever the problem, our aim is to help provide the best solution for you. We want you to be able to function correctly and without discomfort. We also want to give you teeth you’ll be proud to smile with!

This image shows one front tooth with a crown, and another tooth that’s actually an implant. With advanced dentistry techniques completed to a high standard, you should find it difficult to identify which is which.


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