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inlayInlays & Onlays

Restore your teeth to their former glory

At Space Healthcare, we can often restore broken-down teeth using inlays or onlays. Smaller than crowns, but bigger than fillings, they are made of composite resin, ceramics, or gold, and are bonded into place on your tooth.

An inlay fits into your tooth, while an onlay is on the top biting surface.

Both inlays and onlays are usually manufactured in a dental laboratory using precision models of your teeth. They are recommended when a direct filling will not offer enough long-term protection.

The process

We carefully evaluate your tooth to make sure the remaining tissue is healthy enough for an inlay or onlay. We will also check you have enough tooth structure left, so that an inlay or onlay is able to restore your tooth’s look and function for many years to come.

The stages for having an inlay or onlay are usually carried out over two or three visits:

1. Evaluation of the tooth

To make sure that an inlay or onlay is the best treatment, we carry out tests, including x-rays, to confirm that the tooth is healthy and we review your biting pattern.

2.Tooth preparation

Depending on the type of inlay or onlay, we prepare a very smooth walled cavity in your tooth to enable it to fit precisely. Our aim is to preserve as much of your natural tooth substance as possible during this preparation phase.

3. Impressions

We usually make precision impressions of your teeth so that models can be made to allow the dental technician to construct your inlay or onlay. Occasionally, a high resolution digital image can be used to construct the inlay or onlay.

4. Fitting

We check your new inlay or onlay on your tooth to ensure it fits correctly, looks excellent and is in harmony with your bite. Once we are totally happy, a permanent cementation system is used to bond your inlay or onlay into its final position.

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