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dental expertOral Surgery FAQs

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about oral surgery

My dentist has referred me to an Oral Surgeon, why can’t my dentist do the work instead?

Q. I have a tooth which has a post crown and is infected. My dentist has referred me to an oral surgeon for an apicectomy. Why can he not just redo the root filling?

A. Your dentist has probably referred you after careful assessment of your tooth. It is likely that he has judged the risks of trying to remove the post crown to redo the root filling to be too high, with a chance that the root could fracture during this procedure, meaning the tooth would have to be extracted. An apicectomy avoids the need for the post crown to be removed and your dentist may feel that this gives your tooth a better chance of recovery.

Lower Wisdom Tooth Infections

Q. I have had repeated infections around my lower wisdom tooth and I want to know what my options are?

A. The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have issued guidelines regarding the management of wisdom teeth. Your first step should be to follow that guidance and arrange an appointment with us at Space Healthcare. We can then assess your wisdom tooth clinically. It is possible that we may recommend extraction.

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