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Prosthodontics is an area of dentistry that aims to optimise your total dental health. Prosthodontics often involves the use of advanced crowns or bridge techniques and may go hand-in-hand with  implants and other dental treatments such as periodontics.

Advanced treatment for healthy teeth – prosthodontics

As prosthodontics is an advanced and sometimes complicated treatment, you will probably need to have an initial phase of stabilisation  as part of the overall treatment. Stabilisation is required so we can ensure that the foundations of your dental health are secure before the more advanced prosthodontic treatment takes place. This often involves other general dental  treatments, such as hygienist care,  fillings or  root canal treatment.

The Importance of Occlusion

Occlusion is a fancy name for simple-sounding process – it is concerned with how your teeth fit together. However, changes  or discrepancies in the way your teeth meet during biting can affect the alignment of your jaws and can lead to serious problems.

At Space Healthcare we are highly trained in the mechanics of occlusion and we are very aware of the need to analyse your bite with great care while planning your treatment.

As part of the consultation and treatment planning process you will have models made of your teeth which will be placed on a piece of equipment called an articulator. This mimics the movements of your jaws during biting and allows us to look in great detail at individual tooth contacts during this process.

In many treatments your existing bite will be copied when your new dental work is completed. However, in some cases where there may be a problem with your initial bite, a new modified bite will be created which allows you to have improved function. This process is extremely technical and demanding for both your clinical team and the dental technician, and it emphasises just how vital are the initial planning stages of your prosthodontic dental treatment.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is a process that involves treatments to your entire mouth so that you can achieve good oral health and, with proper maintenance, will remain healthy for the long term.

The process of full mouth rehabilitation often implies that serious multiple dental problems are present which need to be treated in a methodical and highly structured fashion to give a desired long term stable result. Very often several members of the dental team will work together to help you achieve improved dental health.

At Space Healthcare, our dental teams are trained to look at the whole picture with regard to your oral health. Where you have complex problems with your mouth and teeth, you can feel reassured that we will take all necessary steps to ensure that you are taken on a journey to oral health which is always informed, always discussed, and always with your very best interests in mind.

Options for worn teeth

Q. I have got worn teeth. When I discussed this with my new dentist, he said that I should have a consultation with a prosthodontist to look at the options for treatment. What options do you think I might have?

A. In general terms it appears that your dentist feels that your level of tooth wear is excessive for your age and causing problems and instability for your dental health. An experienced dentist or prosthodontist is able to both diagnose the causes of tooth wear and offer a range of treatments to deal with its effects. Depending on the diagnosis of why your teeth have worn, you may find that initial treatment may be to treat the cause of the wear. For example, if you suffer from acid reflux, causing acid erosion of your teeth, the cause of this will need to be identified and medical treatment to correct this may be essential before any treatment to restore your teeth can begin.

Options for tooth treatment could include composite bonding, dentine-bonded crowns or palatal veneers, but any treatment will be individually tailored to your mouth and will require the cause of your tooth wear to be identified and treated, prior to having your teeth restored.

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