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Different types of tooth wear

Everyone eventually experiences some tooth wear simply due to normal use of the teeth over time. It only creates a problem if the level of wear becomes more significant. One or more of the following processes can result in your teeth becoming shorter and unattractive as well as rough or sensitive. Even speaking or chewing can become a problem and some people also experience jaw and muscle ache.

Abrasion: This is tooth wear caused by excessive rubbing away of enamel and dentine as a result of, for example,vigorous tooth brushing, porcelain crowns sliding against natural teeth or a very coarse diet.

Attrition: Contact between the teeth over and above normal use is often seen in patients who tend to grind and clench their teeth. This often occurs at night, is often linked to a stressful lifestyle and can result in very serious tooth wear.

Erosion: This type of tooth wear is caused by consuming acidic foods and drinks (eg. fruits and juices; alcohol; sparkling drinks; sports drinks) or by having stomach acid regurgitation (eg hiatus hernia, bulimia, pregnancy sickness).

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