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Palatal Veneers

Tooth wear is becoming the big challenge for dentistry in the early part of the 21st century. It’s starting to affect younger people than ever before, and if left untreated can lead to multiple dental problems.

One common problem created by advancing tooth wear is the gradual loss of the inside surfaces of the upper front teeth. As tooth wear becomes more advanced, many people find that their front teeth start to look shorter, or that the tips of the teeth become thin and chip easily.

It may sound simple to treat – but sadly it’s not. This is certainly a situation where prevention is much better than treatment. That’s why, at Space Healthcare, we’re focused on finding out why your teeth may be worn, changing any risk factors that we identify, and helping you to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

This may involve making you some form of occlusal guard (known as a ‘splint’).

Sadly, we see many cases where tooth wear has developed unchecked. In this situation we try to offer you the most effective treatments – without having to remove even more of your remaining tooth in the process!

A palatal veneer is essentially the same as a veneer placed on the outer tooth surface. Our information page on porcelain veneers gives you a step-by-step guide to the process. The difference is that placing the veneer on the inside (palate side) of a tooth allows us to replace the parts of the tooth that may have worn away. In this way we can restore the tooth to its original shape.

It’s important to stress that tooth wear frequently involves several teeth in your mouth. To treat the condition correctly, treatments such as palatal veneers may be required on several of your front teeth

Palatal veneers can be made out of gold, but can also be made from porcelain or composite.

Come and see us soon if you notice tooth wear in your mouth. We can help you no matter how badly worn your teeth have become.

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