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Dental veneers are the true symbol of the 21st century celebrity lifestyle. From Hollywood actresses to television personalities, veneers have changed the smiles of many a dazzling celebrity.

Veneers aren’t just for the rich and famous, however. At Space Healthcare, we want to make the best dental veneers available to you – which is why we want to separate the truth from the hype and fill you in on how veneers really work.

Different types of veneers for different purposes

All dental veneers have the following in common:

  1. Veneers use a tooth-coloured material to cover over the visible portion of the tooth. This is usually a very thin layer which can be compared with a false finger nail
  2. Veneers rely on special dental adhesive technology for their strength.
  3. Good colour matching, excellence in construction and precise and careful placement is critical in creating a superior, lifelike result that will give long term performance.

At Space Healthcare our clinical team will be happy to discuss veneers with you as part of your personal treatment plan. Whether conventional veneers or the latest no-preparation veneers, same-day veneers, composite veneers or composite bonding,  we have all the options!

You can  rest assured that, if  you choose to have dental veneers, you will have had chance to discuss all the possible options, and we will take care to ensure that the results live up to your expectations.

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