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No Preparation Veneers

One of the very latest techniques to emerge has been the no-preparation veneer. Advances in porcelain technology allow dental technicians to make extremely thin porcelain veneers that can be bonded to teeth without any tooth removal being required.

Obviously it is a good thing not to have to remove tooth tissue. If for some reason the veneer has to be removed, the untouched tooth beneath will be just as it was before the procedure. And, unlike porcelain veneers, the no-preparation veneer system is potentially able to fit over any existing crowns.

You should bear in mind, however, that no-preparation veneers are only suitable for cases with minor irregularities or crowded teeth. It’s also difficult to guarantee a great result if your teeth are different shades, have large fillings, or have been root filled. And, no matter how thin the veneer is made, you will end up with slightly thicker teeth after the veneers are completed.

Despite a great deal of marketing hype, and many impressive-looking adverts, this is a very new technique, and there isn’t any longer-term scientific evidence to show how these veneers will perform. This should be taken into account as part of any treatment discussion.

We offer no-preparation veneers as part of our comprehensive range of treatments. Our clinical team can discuss these with you as part of your custom treatment plan.

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