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Emergency appointments

Sometimes problems can develop that require immediate treatment. That’s why it’s always a relief to know that you have somewhere to turn to when you are faced with a dental crisis.bruxism

Whatever the emergency, Space Healthcare’s  team of experienced clinical staff are keen to assist you should you have a need for emergency dental care. You can also rest assured that we offer an on-call emergency dentist service for both registered and non-registered patients.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

There are several problems that are considered to be emergencies requiring the patient to see an emergency dentist. These are:

Serious pain

If you are suffering from serious pain, it’s important to seek qualified dental advice immediately. Significant pain can indicate a dental infection or other problem that will require prompt, emergency treatment from your dentist.


Swelling in your mouth or on the face or neck should be examined promptly by a dentist. Often, swelling can be caused by an underlying infection which can lead to serious problems. Other symptoms that may occur alongside swelling include pain, redness, fever and feeling unwell.


If you’re involved in an incident which causes an injury to your mouth or teeth, it is important to obtain the opinion of a dentist as soon as possible as some treatment may need to be carried out right away.

If your problem is not listed above but you are still unsure as to whether it is an emergency or not, it is always better to contact us rather than to wait – you could prevent an issue developing into an emergency, or serious long-term effects.

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