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A filling (or restoration) is a common and widely used treatment in modern dentistry.

Dental fillings have been traditionally made of amalgam, a metallic compound containing mercury that has been in use for over 150 years. Amalgam fillings have a metallic colour and can give a grey tinge to the tooth. It is a strong, hard-wearing and long-lasting material – but it can never be called attractive.

The development of tooth-coloured fillings

One of the most exciting developments in dentistry has been the introduction of tooth-coloured fillings that can exactly match the appearance of an unfilled tooth to give unrivalled aesthetics.

You no longer have to accept having amalgam placed in your teeth. With the advent of dental composites, we can now use a palette of subtle tooth shades to recreate the natural colour variations of your tooth so that it blends in perfectly with its neighbours and you can smile and laugh with confidence.

Tooth-coloured fillings from Space Healthcare

Our clinical team will be happy to talk with you about any aspect of fillings as part of your personally tailored treatment plan, so you’ll have the opportunity to choose the dental fillings you prefer. Find out more about the types of dental fillings and the process involved in replacing amalgam fillings, or have a look at our fillings FAQs . Alternatively, book an appointment and discuss things with one of our expert team.

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