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 Fillings – FAQ

Some of the questions that we’re asked most often

My dentist says I need a filling. How can I be sure this is true?

Q. My dentist has said that I need a filling but I cannot see a problem with my tooth. How can he be sure?

A. Your dentist may use several techniques to assess the health of your teeth. Many areas of tooth decay are situated on parts of the tooth where it is impossible to view them with the naked eye. By using a dental x-ray however, these areas of tooth decay can sometimes be seen clearly seen.

At Space Healthcare we follow the concept of Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID). This means that, before we tell you that you need a filling, we’ll have done a comprehensive evaluation of your dental disease risks and an in-depth examination, which may include state-of-the-art technologies such as fluorescence imaging, as well as digital x-rays.

We’ll only tell you that you need a filling if you really do need one.

Can I have tooth whitening if I have fillings in my front teeth?

Q. I want to have my teeth whitened but I have fillings in my front teeth. Will these whiten too?

A. No. Only your natural tooth substance can whiten. Fillings, crowns and veneers will not change shade during the whitening procedure.

At Space Healthcare, our clinical team will be able to discuss options with you, so that once you have finished tooth whitening you can have your fillings replaced to your new lighter shade.

What can I do about the appearance of my amalgam fillings?

Q. I don’t like the appearance of my amalgam fillings. What can I do?

A. The first thing to do is to discuss your concerns with the clinical team at Space Healthcare. We can advise you on all the alternatives for treatment and once you have this knowledge you can make an informed decision about what is best for your teeth. The really good news is that several excellent tooth-coloured options are available for the vast majority of situations.

Tooth coloured fillings

Q. I have heard that tooth-coloured fillings can wear easily and need to be replaced quite often, is this true?

A. This is not true. The latest tooth-coloured composite fillings are resistant to wear and very stable over the long term. However, these filling materials will only work well over a long period if they have been placed with meticulous attention to detail and if a tooth-coloured filling was the right option for your individual case.

Tooth-coloured fillings take considerably longer to place properly compared with metal amalgam fillings. If your fillings were placed in just a few minutes, without the correct care and attention, then your concerns about a limited life-span may be correct!

Amalgam filling removal

Q. I am looking for a dentist who removes mercury/amalgam fillings safely using the special drilling technique and special dietary supplements by mouth, following the recommendations for safe removal. I have looked on lists of dentists in the UK but you are not on this. Can you tell me whether you use safe measures for this practice?

A. At Space Healthcare you will receive a detailed consultation to discuss your dental requirements.

Our routine protocols for amalgam filling removal include high volume aspiration, rubber dam isolation and the use of high-speed turbines with water spray.

You may be referring to some form of ‘holistic’ or ‘metal-free’ dentistry where further techniques for ‘safe’ removal are advocated by several self-appointed dental ‘experts’. These procedures do not have an acceptable evidence-base to show they give any benefit. Therefore we do not follow these protocols.

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