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Replacing amalgam fillings

When one of your amalgam fillings reaches the end of its life it’s often possible to replace it with a tooth-coloured alternative. We can advise you whether a direct tooth-coloured filling or perhaps an inlay or onlay is the right choice for you.

What about if you decide that you would like all your amalgam fillings replacing with tooth-coloured alternatives?

This is an increasingly popular choice for patients who do not want to have unsightly dark amalgam fillings in their teeth or who do not want mercury containing materials in their body.

Replacing fillings for health reasons

At Space Healthcare we work according to the latest scientific evidence. We don’t offer treatment according to the latest health-scare story that appears in the press. So, we definitely do not suggest that you replace your amalgam fillings in order to gain health ‘benefits’ that have no scientific evidence.

However, a few people do have a real allergy to amalgam fillings, and others are looking to remove all metal fillings from their mouths.

If you are having a dental amalgam removed for this reason we’ll have evaluated your tooth using an x-ray to ensure that we are fully aware of the depth of the existing filling. By using a barrier called dental dam to isolate your tooth from the rest of your mouth, and using a water spray and a very powerful sucker (aspirator) we can ensure that all the old amalgam is safely collected during the procedure. In this way we do everything possible to minimise any harm from the used amalgam material.

It’s important to realise that when an amalgam filling is removed from your tooth, there is a small possibility that the health of the tooth can be affected by the procedure, particularly if the filling is large or close to the nerve and blood supply to the tooth. We’ll ensure that we use techniques to minimise this risk, but in a small number of cases further treatment such as removal of the inflamed nerve, and subsequent  root canal treatment may be required.

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