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Periodontal Disease and Men’s Health

Four basic signs will alert you to periodontal diseases:

1. Bleeding

Bleeding gums during tooth brushing, flossing or any other time

2. Swelling

Swollen and bright red gums

3. Recession

Gums that have receded away from the teeth, sometimes exposing the roots

4. Bad breath

Constant bad breath that does not clear up with brushing and flossing


Periodontal disease is now thought to have several important and unique effects on men’s health. You may have never expected that your gums can influence your overall health, but the long-term inflammation caused by gum disease may be connected to some serious problems:


Researchers have found links between the presence of periodontal disease and some types of cancer in men


A recent study has found that men in their 30’s who had severe periodontal disease were 3 times more likely to suffer from erectile problems. There is no direct evidence that one condition causes the other – the association is thought to be related to the effects of long-term inflammation. However, gum disease may turn out to be a risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

Prostate Health

Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is an enzyme created in the prostate gland. Research has found that it is secreted at higher levels in men with periodontal disease and prostate cancer than in men with just one of the diseases.

Heart Disease

Several studies have indicated periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease are associated and may actually increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Early Death

The results of study that followed the health of a large group of men over a 40-year period showed that those with moderate or severe periodontal damage had a 1.46-fold increase in rates of dying from all causes.

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