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Periodontics FAQ’s

Why do my gums bleed?

Q. I regularly get gum bleeding when I brush my teeth – why is this?

A. The most common reason for gum bleeding is as a result of gingivitis where the gums are inflamed due to irritation from dental plaque bacteria. Why not book an appointment to see us at dentalSpace so you can have this diagnosis checked and learn about effective treatments?

Unexplained tooth movement

Q. I have noticed that my upper front teeth have moved over the last year and have developed spaces between them. I have not been to the dentist for years – what should I do?

A. The first thing to do is get a dentist to examine you as soon as possible so that the reason for your tooth movement can be diagnosed. There are various reasons why your teeth may have moved, one of the commonest is drifting due to loss of attachment in periodontal disease. It can also be due to other causes and so a dental examination is vital here. Why not contact us and make an appointment?

Can gum problems run in families?

Q. My mother lost all her teeth at a young age and I have had several of my teeth extracted due to gum problems – can these run in families?

A. Yes – it is now clear that possibly 10% of the population are genetically more likely to suffer from various forms of gum disease – particularly chronic periodontitis. It is really important that you get the opinion of a periodontal specialist so that you can discuss the various options for treatment. Why not discuss a referral with here at dentalSpace?

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