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Your dental examination

At Space Healthcare, our comprehensive new patient examination aims to set the gold standard for clinical excellence.

We have examined the latest scientific evidence and bench-marked best practice from dentists and dental researchers across the world, to ensure that your examination appointment really is second to none.

At your first appointment you’ll notice the superb clinical environment of our dental centre. We have a purpose-built facility, and we’ve designed it to make your visit as stress-free as possible.

TAKING THE STRESS OUT OF DENTAL APPOINTMENTS                                                                      

Our caring, experienced dental team will help you to relax during your appointments – giving you the time to make sure you can get the most from your dentist appointment.

We use leading-edge technology such as fluorescence imaging  to gather precise information about your mouth and teeth. Our viewing screens allow you to look at this in comfort while your dental team explains the details to you.

All necessary dental X-rays are included as part of your new patient examination appointment.  The latest digital X-ray images allow us to assess areas that are not visible to the naked eye, such as underneath your gums and right between your teeth. It’s usual for us to need at least a couple of these to complete your new patient examination. If it’s needed, we also have specialised scanning X-ray equipment, allowing us to take a very detailed digital  X-ray of your entire mouth.

Once we’ve fully evaluated your dental health, we’ll create a customised treatment plan for you, offering all the options to help you improve your oral health. We feel it’s important that we have totally transparent pricing, so your treatment estimate is very clear about the cost of each part of your dental care.



Dental health today, and into the future as well

Having great teeth and a healthy mouth is fantastic, but how will things be in the future? Rather than just waiting to find out, and dealing with any problems after they occur, current dental research is focused on predicting how your dental health with change over time.

Predicting the future is always challenging, and it’s difficult to be right all of the time. However, we use a sophisticated computer programme  to accurately predict your future risks of developing decay, periodontal (gum) disease, and mouth cancer. Why not see how healthy you are?

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