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Can I just come for a check-up, or do I have to sign up to a monthly plan?

Q. Can I just come for a check-up, or do I have to sign up to a monthly plan?

A. At Space Healthcare you can come in for a new patient examination with absolutely no obligation for any further treatment or appointments. Because of the unique nature of Space Healthcare, we don’t offer a monthly dental plan. Instead we offer a yearly membership that gives you access to all our services, giving you some great cost savings and special offers.

Read more about it here

Do you publish a list of costs?

Q. Do you publish a list of costs e.g crowns, root canal work etc?

A. Our charges are easily viewed here!

Also – a fully costed estimate is provided before any treatment starts so you know exactly how much everything costs.

Do you provide NHS Dentistry?

Q. Do you accept NHS patients?

A. We do not offer NHS dentistry. We provide affordable private dentistry which we feel gives our patients exceptional care and excellent value for money

Hygienist appointments?

Q. Is it possible to get a one-off dental hygienist appointment?

A. Yes, it will be possible to have an appointment with the hygienist provided that you have had a dental examination within the last 12 months and your dentist provides a written referral.  Alternatively, you could arrange a new patient examination with our Space Healthcare clinical team, who will be pleased to discuss your treatment options.

If this is of interest to you, please book an appointment.

What are my options?

Q. My teeth are very yellow and black on top near the gums and I have hardly any back teeth. Would it be possible to have all my teeth extracted and replaced with dentures so I am able to smile again?

A. As every case is clinically unique the best first step is to arrange a full examination so that our experienced dental team can discuss all the option for treatment with you.

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