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Why choose us?

Our knowledgeable, dedicated staff and university dental surgeons at our centre of excellence, in Leamington Spa, have extensive experience and a passion for healthcare. We make patients feel comfortable, empowered, informed and at ease in our contemporary, clean, comfortable environment.

So, why choose us?

  1. Dentistry should be delivered by an experienced team which has worked together for years with excellent results. Rob has worked with members of the team for over 10 years and our team members are constantly updating their skills and knowledge.
  2. Rob Morgan  has over 30 years experience in all aspects of general practice, has a greater knowledge of  Quality Assurance in healthcare than most other UK  dental surgeons and is one of only a few dentists in the UK to have been awarded a Fellowship from the Royal  College of General Dental Practitioners.
  3. At your consultation you will receive a thorough oral examination  by  experienced members of the team. Rob will discuss your treatment aims and recommend the safest and best option for you.
  4. Your teeth are precious – you can trust Rob and the team to look after yours.
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