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How to Keep your Eyes Young

As many as 1 in 12 individuals will be blind or partially-sighted by the age of 60.

Recent studies show there are things you can do to reduce the chances of eyesight loss and maintain your general eye health.

How your Lifestyle & Environment Matters

There is no doubt that lifestyle and environmental factors have a significant impact on the continued health of your eyes.

Among the most important factors that may have a negative effect are:

  • Exposure to ultraviolet light,
  • a poor diet,
  • smoking
  • lack of exercise.

While you can’t halt the natural aging process in your eyes, you can slow it down with a healthy diet of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E – plenty of citrus fruits, green leafy veg, almonds and fortified cereals. These help fight free radicals that cause cell damage and age the lens and retina. Fish oils, such as cod liver oil, are also good for eye health.

However, as people get older, everyone will begin to experience ‘long arm syndrome’ – the need to extend your arms fully to be able to read a newspaper, book or dinner menu. Medically, this condition is known as presbyopia.  Healthy lifestyle choices can benefit your eyesight and greatly improve the future health of your eyes – but unfortunately the gradual onset of presbyopia will come to us all.

Reading vision solutions

You can pick up a pair of off-the-shelf ready readers for a few pounds. Or you can spend more on a higher quality pair of multifocal or varifocal glasses. But no-one enjoys the hassle of reading glasses – and it certainly makes you feel old if you’ve never previously needed glasses!

Laser vision solutions to presbyopia do exist. Sadly, our eyes age along with the rest of us. But reading glasses are no longer inevitable. You can read more about possible solutions here

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