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Getting rid of your reading glasses with IOLs

With an IOL treatment we can improve not just your distance vision, but your near vision too.

Imagine not having to hunt for your reading glasses every time you read a newspaper….imagine reading the  restaurant menu yourself…..not hunting for your glasses to work your mobile ‘phone or use the computer. And then being able to watch TV, or chat with friends without searching for your other glasses. And where did you leave the glasses you wear when you drive the car?

Correction of your reading prescription with IOLs can be done in different ways, using monofocal or multifocal lenses. The best solution for you will depend upon your eyes and your lifestyle.

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Monovision IOL treatment can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need for reading glasses. The basic principle of monovision is that one eye will be corrected to focus clearly at distance, and the other eye corrected to focus with near vision. This may sound strange, but if you are suitable it’s amazing how quickly your brain adapts to the changes and blends the images from each eye.

Monovision enables both eyes to work together to give a comfortable blend of distance and near vision. The result is complete freedom from glasses for most people, with only a small number needing top-up readers for very detailed tasks.

Premium multifocal lenses

For many people who currently wear spectacles or contact lenses, a premium multifocal lens could mean independence from both.

A trifocal lens, such as Finevision, not only corrects your reading prescription, but also turns back the clock to restore much of your ability to:

  • read, write or perform any precision work;
  • work on your computer or do anything requiring good intermediate vision at distances  of 40 cm to 1 m;
  • complete all of your daily activities that are better without glasses, such as sports and going for walks.


Your new window on the world

The performance of these lenses is good in both bright light and low light situations. The Finevision trifocal lens also gives high contrast sensitivity, as well as minimising halos and glare and is excellent for near and far vision.

We carry out all lens replacement and cataract surgery procedures in our own, state-of-the-art, operating centre. No waiting lists, no lengthy journey to another location, no problems with your follow-up appointments!

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