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What are IOLs?

Intraocular lens  (IOL) treatments are one of the world’s most successful surgical procedures, with an estimated 12 – 15 million IOLs inserted each year. This number is projected to grow considerably over the next 20 years, partly because we’re all getting older but, most importantly, because we all desire higher quality vision.

IOL treatments can seem confusing, with different lenses, different procedures and far too many acronyms!

However, it feels less complicated if you remember that intraocular lenses can be divided into two types:

Phakic IOL

These are variously referred to as Implantable Contact Lenses or Implantable Collamer Lenses or ICL – an additional lens that is placed in front of the natural lens inside the eye


RLE stands for refractive lens exchange –  where the natural lens is exchanged for a multifocal or monofocal replacement

Treatments to improve your window on the world

Our remarkable procedures can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

During your consultation our optometrist, Lesley, and our surgeon, Mark, will carry out a complete ophthalmic examination and thorough medical check to find out which IOL solution is best for you.


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