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Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

We can replace your existing lens to correct your prescription and compensate for your glasses or contact lenses. This may the ideal solution for people with reading glasses or those who are very long sighted.

A replacement lens can correct higher prescriptions, which may not be suitable for laser treatments. It also ensures that cataracts will not develop in the future.

The treatment is quick – taking as little as 20 minutes to treat each eye – and pain-free. Anaesthetic eye drops are used to numb your eye, so no injections are needed.

Our surgeon, Mark Wevill, is extremely experienced in IOL treatments having completed several thousand of these procedures. We carry out all lens replacement and cataract surgery procedures in our own, state-of-the-art, operating centre. No waiting lists, no lengthy journey to another location: no problems with your follow-up appointments!

A new window on your world

The RLE technique is widely used in the treatment for cataracts. While cataract surgery is necessary to replace a cloudy lens which gives poor vision, in the RLE procedure the lens, which may not be defective, is replaced to correct your prescription. In cataract surgery the new lens is often of a similar power to the existing one, while in RLE procedures the power of the new lens is calculated to correct your spectacle or contact lens prescription.

At Space Healthcare we’ve carefully assessed the best lenses available in the world. We use premium multifocal lenses that produce great vision close-up, at intermediate distance and at far distance, and the best monofocal lenses to give reliable, accurate vision with the best depth-of-field possible.

Premium multifocal lenses

A trifocal lens, such as Finevision, not only treats your cataract, but also turns back the clock to restore much of your ability to:

  • read, write or perform any precision work;
  • work on your computer or do anything requiring good intermediate vision at distances  of 40 cm to 1 m;
  • complete all of your daily activities that are better without glasses, such as sports and going for walks.


Finevision is the first TRI-Focal lens combining state of the art lens technology with a diffractive, appodised and convoluted surface, which optimises distance, intermediate & close vision.

FineVision is a considerable step forward in multi-focal lens technology reducing glare & halos and other visual disturbances while providing excellent intermediate and far vision. FineVision is designed to reduce the loss of light energy, resulting in performance that is good in both bright light and low light situations and gives high contrast sensitivity.

As with all lens replacements some side effects, such as glare or halos, can occasionally be experienced although these usually decrease over time.

Recent studies have shown that a significant proportion of patients with a trifocal intraocular lens implant can live completely without the need for glasses. Overall reported satisfaction rate with this lens is reported as 93%. Independence from glasses is reported in 98% of patients and 100% of patients said they would have the surgery again[i].

[i] B. Cochener,  ASCRS 2012 : Comparative visual performances with 3 different diffractive IOLs


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