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Are your kids scared of the dentist? There’s really no need…

Are your children afraid of the dentist? Ours are and we’re the professionals! But its understandable…Big, cold, sterile rooms, giant chairs, bright lights and to top it off, a stranger in a mask wants to poke their fingers around in your mouth and it can take years to get used to it even if you are promised a Spider Man sticker on every visit.

However, we have a solution to help calm situations down a little. When having our practice designed we integrated a TV into the ceiling of one of our dental rooms; the primary use is for the patient to be able to see whats going on as their treatment unfolds by using miniature cameras during the treatment. However, we also use it to show DVDs for children (and adults!) who find it particularly difficult to relax and stay calm when in the chair. It’s important to introduce your child to the dentist at a young age to ensure they are familiar with the Dentist and any procedures; we like to think this innovative idea will assist in helping your child feel less fearful of the dentist and understand the importance of overall oral health.

TV in the ceiling

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