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Invisalign ‘Invisible’ Braces Talk

On Thursday (August 7), we will be giving a presentation about an innovative procedure for straightening crooked teeth without using unsightly braces.

Rob Morgan, a director of Space Healthcare, who also lectures in clinical dentistry at Birmingham University, will be demonstrating Invisalign, which was developed in the United States and involves a series of custom-made ‘invisible’ aligners that gradually move the teeth in a controlled way.

Mr Morgan, who has practised dentistry in Leamington and Warwick for 20 years, said that unlike metal braces, the aligners can be taken out for eating, drinking, teeth brushing and flossing. He also said that they were a lot more comfortable than traditional braces.

“The treatment takes between six months and a year and virtual 3-D imaging is used to show the patient how the teeth will gradually assume their new position, stage by stage,” said Mr Morgan. “It is well known that a good set of straight, white teeth and a healthy smile significantly improves a patient’s confidence and self-esteem.”

Orthodontics, or the movement of badly aligned teeth to the correct position, is one of the fastest growing sectors in UK dentistry. It is estimated that more than 17 million patients in the UK would benefit from orthodontics and an increasing number of people desire clear or invisible appliances. The talk begins at 6.00 pm and will be followed by questions and advice. To reserve a place, call Space Healthcare on 01926 282282.

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