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Leamington Optometrist Highlights Need For Regular Eye Tests

space 3.09.13 -36People should have their eyes regularly tested or risk putting their sight in jeopardy, according to a Leamington optometrist. Lesley Mason, from Space Healthcare in Clarendon Avenue, said that as with all medical issues, the earlier eye problems are detected the better. “Some of the people I see have eye conditions of which they were totally unaware, and have to be referred to the eye department of their local hospital. Sadly, these are mainly conditions which would have been detected earlier at a routine eye examination.

“Many conditions affecting the eyes have no symptoms, especially in the early stages, for example glaucoma and early macular changes which may lead to macular degeneration, a leading cause of sight loss. Many general health issues can also be detected, such as diabetes or raised blood pressure.

“People may feel that if they are seeing ok, their eyes are healthy and there is no need to visit their optometrist. A large number of adults have never had a sight test, particularly if they don’t wear glasses. However, early detection of these things and, if necessary, treatment, can often make a great deal of difference to the prognosis.”

Miss Mason said that another important reason for a regular test was that changes in vision are often very gradual, so people may not notice that their eyesight has deteriorated. This means that they may not be benefitting from the best vision possible that an up-to-date prescription would give them. However, more importantly, they may be putting themselves and others at risk if they are driving with defective vision.
Opticians say most people should have an eye examination every two years, but that certain groups will need one more frequently, for example, if they have diabetes or a family history of glaucoma.
Space Healthcare, the state-of-the-art £1 million eye and dental centre that opened in Leamington last year, also has a laser eye unit headed by international eye surgeon Mark Wevill, who has carried out more than 20,000 laser eye procedures. It is the only centre in the UK offering the new Raindrop lens implant, a life-changing procedure from America that corrects vision in people aged over 40 who need reading glasses.


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