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At Space Healthcare we aim to provide the best products and services. So we’ve joined with Tokai Leanswear  to bring you bespoke lenses with the best possible appearance and improved optical performance for all prescriptions.

Tokai are a Japanese bespoke lenswear manufacturer, and are specialists in designing and manufacturing quality prescription lenses. The pursuit of optical perfection has driven Tokai to invest more on research and development than almost every other optical company.

Tokai manufacture the world’s thinnest lens – 1.76 index –  exclusively available at Space Healthcare!

Are You Wearing the World’s Thinnest Lens?

It’s official – Tokai’s revolutionary lens has a refractive index of 1.76 (higher than any other lens manufacturer), and due to the material’s  flexibility and toughness it can be made thinner than any other lens available – even glass. It’s available in a single vision or progressive lens, and is tintable, making it suitable for prescription sunglasses. It’s even suitable for rimless frames.

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