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Lens coatings

Tokai lens coatings are an important part of your optical prescription. Coatings will enhance the performance and appearance of your lenses. Tokai have developed a wide range of coatings with exceptional performance. Tokai coatings protect your lenses and quality of vision for longer.

SPS (Super Power Shield)

Created using Tokai’s latest thin-film technology, SPS is a revolutionary new coating, providing superior scratch resistance, flexibility and durability. It has a super-hydrophobic action that is ultra-dust, water and oil-repellent, meaning that the lens is effortlessly easy to clean. Anti-reflective properties dramatically improve the lens appearance and visual performance.

PGC (ProGuard Coating)

This premium hydrophobic anti-reflective coating creates and advanced dust, water and oil-repellent surface. This allows for easy cleaning and improved lens appearance


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