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Different Types of Lenses

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At Space Healthcare we’ve teamed up with Tokai Lenswear and can offer you ultra-high index lenses with a refractive index of 1.76 – the highest index plastic lens in the world.  These unique lenses will be thinner than any glasses you’ve ever had.

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Single Vision Lenses

Higher index lens materials will give a thinner final lens.

Tokai offer a wide range of refractive indices, from 1.5 up to 1.76, and a variety of lens designs (spherical, aspheric and bi-aspheric) that allow us to tailor the perfect combination of lens to your chosen frames. This will ensure the best aesthetic appearance and optimum visual  performance.

Progressive (Varifocal) Lenses

Tokai’s cutting-edge technology allows us to provide a progressive lens to suit everybody. Two of the best lenses are the Resonas and the WS

The Resonas lens has been developed in conjunction with a leading neurological research company. Tokai have created a lens design that is effortlessly easy to adapt to. It reduces the discomfort experienced by the brain and, as a result of this, dramatically improves comfort for the wearer.

Tokai Resonas is personalised to the specific requirements of the wearer of progressive lenses. The unique design ensures a smooth and precise visual experience, giving wide visual fields, increased comfort and effortless adaptation.

The WS is Tokai’s premium bespoke progressive lens, using the latest lens design technology. It can be completely personalised to each person’s distance and near prescription, and to their choice of frames. The result is a lens with the widest possible field of view and minimised distortion. It’s an ideal choice for existing varifocal wearers who wan the best possible lens design.

Occupational Lenses

Occupational lenses are designed for performing a particular job or hobby. and are not intended for general-purpose wear. Particularly useful for those who work in an office environment that requires flexibility between intermediate and reading distances, and occupational lens is somewhat similar to a varifocal – but without an area for distance vision.

Tokai offer a range of occupational lenses, allowing us to create a solution to your individual needs.

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