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Am I suitableFinding the Perfect Frame: Simple as ABC

The key to flattering glasses is picking the right frame—one that sells you from the start, accentuating both your look and your lifestyle. With our simple guide, scoring that perfect-for-you pair is easy and stress-free: simply remember your ABCs!

A: Assess Your Face

Face Shape – Determine your face shape and flattering glasses will follow, it’s as simple as that.

Look in the mirror or at a photograph and compare with the graphics below. There are six main face shapes; find the one you most imitate:

Face Shape


Best Frames

Frame Tips

Frame Goal

Roundround face Your face is a circle and is about as wide as it is long, with soft curves. Square, angular frames (aviator or square) Try a clear bridge to widen your eyes; DO NOT wear round frames To thin out and lengthen your round face
Ovaloval face Your face is a proportional oval, with curves.Oval is the “ideal” face shape. Any frame shape (aviator, oval, or square) It’s best to pick frames that are at least as wide as the widest part of your face To maintain the balance of your proportional face
Squaresquare face Your face is equally as wide as it is long, with angular lines. Circular, curved frames (aviator, oval) Lengthen your face with frames that are wider (↔) than they are deep (↕) To soften and lengthen your angular, short face
Oblongoblong face Your face is a rectangle and is longer than it is wide, with angular lines. Triangular, Circular, or Deep Rectangular frames (aviator, oval, or some square) Balance your face with frames that are deeper (↕) than they are wide(↔) To soften and shorten your angular, long face
Base-Up Triangle/Heartbase up heart face Geometric, Circular frames (oval, some square) Try frames with wider bottoms than tops or rimless frames To minimize your temple width and draw the eye down to the bottom of your face Your face has a wide forehead that descends to a narrow chin.
Diamonddiamond face Your face has a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and narrow chin, with angular lines. Circular or Cat-Eye frames (aviator, oval, some square) Look for top-heavy frames, such as semi-rimless frames or frames with detailing on the brow line To emphasize the eyes and cheekbones and draw the eye up to the top of your face
Base Down Trianglebase down triangle face Your face has a narrow forehead that flares to a wide chin. Geometric, Circular, or Cat-Eye frames (aviator, oval, some square) Go for frames with wider tops than bottoms that are top-heavy (semi-rimless or detailed on the brow line) To minimize your chin width and draw the eye up to the top of your face

B: Match Frame Types

So you now know your basic face shape. You can now stretch that knowledge to emphasise your facial strengths while  reducing the emphasis of your facial weaknesses.

Frame types and frame sizes help you achieve this balance.

  • Full-rim frames – Fully enveloping, these frames help emphasize those gorgeous eyes!
  • Semi-Rimless frames – These rims only frame the top of your glasses, emphasizing the upper portion of your face (works wonders for diamond and face-down triangle face shapes).
  • Rimless frames – Seeming to float on your face, these magical frames achieve a “barely there” look with your glasses and de-emphasise your forehead (works especially well with base-up triangle/heart face shapes).

Frame Sizes refer to the total frame width and fall into one of three basic categories:

  • Small (130–139 mm),
  • Medium (140–149 mm), or
  • Large (150+ mm).

You want your frames to be proportionate to your face size. Find which range fits best by measuring the width of an old pair of glasses.

C: Consider Your Colouring, Style, and Preferences


In order to make the most of your overall look you need to consider your colouring (warm or yellow- and peach-based tones or cool or blue- and pink-based tones ). Stick with shades that best compliment your colouring to really make your eyes, skin, hair, or whatever sparkle.


  1. What is your personal style—modern, retro, or traditional?
  2. What glasses will go with your wardrobe?
  3. What impression do you want your glasses to give? A bold, brightly coloured frame screams confidence and fun, while a more traditional, muted frame exudes “I’m professional.”

Remember to consider the frame materials; nose pads vs. no nose pads (such as on plastic frames); and anything else that affected how you felt about previous sets of glasses.


  • What glasses features do you love?
  • What glasses features do you hate?
  • Think of your former glasses: what has worked and what hasn’t?
  • What helped you stay happy?
  • What made you miserable?

That’s all there is to it. Happy hunting!

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