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Caring for your Maui Jim Sunglasses

Proper care will enhance and prolong the life of your sunglasses and protect your investment. And a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses are certainly worth looking after.

Cleaning solution

It’s all too easy to forget how special these sunglasses really are – follow these simple steps to keep them in pristine condition!


Your sunglasses are coated on the back of the lens with an anti-reflectant (AR) coating which is essential in eliminating glare and is one of the three elements that make up the patented Maui Jim design. As with any product, some tender loving care will enhance and prolong the usefulness of your sunglasses and protect your investment.

For best performance, rinse your sunglasses daily in warm water. Use a mild liquid soap to wash each lens surface. Dry them using a clean, soft absorbent cloth.

Don’t use paper-based products to clean your lenses. Don’t use abrasive cleaners, soaps or detergents that may leave a deposit on the lens. And don’t use tissues with added lotions, lanolin, silicone or other cleaners: they will leave a film on the lens.


Certain common household chemicals will react with the frame material and the metal oxides used on the coatings of your lenses.

You should avoid contact with acetone (nail polish remover), caustic solutions (such as glass or other ammonia based cleaners), hair sprays containing methylene (listed on the label), chlorine (from swimming pools or unfiltered water) or glue.


Excessive heat may cause deterioration in your lenses or distort your nylon frame.

Avoid placing your sunglasses where you might expect excessive heat:  for example, on the dashboard of your car.


The multiple coatings on your lenses are resistant to light scratching. However, heavy, abusive scratching can break through the coatings and cause visible marks. Removing dirt and other particles with good cleaning practices and keeping your sunglasses in their case when not in use will significantly help to prolong the life of your lenses.

Good cleaning practices will help to minimise scratching.

Hard Water

Hard water on your lenses will leave visible spots that are difficult to remove and may be damaging to your lens coatings. Clean and thoroughly dry your lenses if hard water such as swimming pool, unfiltered sprinkler or sea water comes in contact with your sunglasses.


We recommend that you visit us periodically so we can tighten the eyewire screws and those attaching the temples and nose bridge.

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