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Maui Jim Sunglasses are worth their Weight in High Performance Eyewear

thumbnailIt was around 13 years ago that I found myself in a sunglass shop off South Beach in Miami. This is where I purchased my first pair of Maui Jims. This was before sunglasses where such a fashion item and as I was working on yachts and constantly in the intense glare of the sun almost year round I needed a high quality pair of glasses with great optics and polarization. While essential for protecting your eyes from UV damage it is also pretty useful if you can see through glare to avoid the reefs that I might otherwise run into with somebody else’s yacht.

The Maui Jims were a revelation. Strong, stylish and optics like I had never experienced before!! I wore these sunglasses for several years around the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Pacific including cruises back to the home, Maui in the Hawaiian Islands.

You don’t see Maui’s for sale everywhere, The quality can lead them to be considered too expensive for some people and they prefer to buy the latest fashion item doe the season. I guess they think it is more important to have the very latest fashion frames and not so important to be able to actually see properly, as you can through a pair of Mauis.

As where not so readily available when I was in La Jolla just north of San Diego California, after an amazing cruise around Alaska,  I stocked up on another pair of Maui Jims. I wear them pretty much every day while I am “working” on yachts so my originals were showing a bit of wear and tear after 5 years use. At the same time bought a pair of another makers sunglasses which are reckoned to banish the rays. I thought I could wear the cheaper alternative while out cycling and hiking etc. It was interesting to return to the bridge of the yacht which was stern to in San Diego next to the maritime museum. The sun was getting lower over the Pacific and the glare off the water across San Diego Bay was intense. I put on the new, slightly less expensive, glasses and sure enough they were pretty good at banishing most of the glare, well at least I could see without squinting and being in pain. What was surprising though was that when I took these off and put on my new Maui Jims, not only was more of the glare from the setting Pacific sun gone I could also see a 30 foot sailboat in the middle of the sunset which was just not visible with the competition!! Had we been underway at the time there would have been a possibility that I would not have seen the sail boat and there might have been a collision.

This was all a few years ago and I was pleased to see Space Healthcare in Leamington Spa when visiting recently. Mauis can now be seen for sale in more locations around the world but are still not commonly stocked. It was great to see that Maui Jims are for sale in Space Healthcare, it is to be expected that such a quality outlet would want to sell the best optics and therefore Mauis’  are a natural choice. I took the opportunity to buy my third pair of Maui Jims in 13 years at Space and would really recommend that you try them for yourself. If you want stylish or sporty, fashionable or minimalist Maui makes a style that you will like. Once you have owned a pair I don’t think you will ever wear anything else… I know I won’t!

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