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Space Healthcare performs the new Raindrop™ procedure to restore youthful vision

With a patient satisfaction rate over 95%, the new Raindrop™ Near Vision Inlay is a remarkable success. As the world’s first natural solution to presbyopia that can be performed as easily as LASIK, Raindrop is receiving vast global interest. But how does it work? Who is it right for?  At Space Healthcare we understand that many people have questions about Raindrop™, so we’re helping by providing some answers to frequently asked questions.How_to_fix_Raindrop

Who should consider the Raindrop™ Near Vision Inlay?

If you’re nearing or past age 40 and you find yourself reaching for reading glasses to see your phone, read a menu, or to do any close-up work, you may be a candidate.

What causes this condition?

Presbyopia is a condition that causes your eye to lose the ability to change focus from distant to near objects. It is a natural part of aging that most people experience sometime after age 40.

How effective is the Raindrop™ Near Vision Inlay procedure?

Most people are able to see objects up close without the need for reading glasses almost immediately. All ranges of vision, near, intermediate, and distance, continue to improve over the following weeks and months. Patient satisfaction rates are over 95% just one month post procedure.

What is the inlay, exactly?

Raindrop™ is a tiny lens, about the size of a pin head. It is comprised of approximately 80% water and is comfortably and quickly placed just beneath the clear surface of the eye called the cornea. It works by gently changing the central curvature of the eye. Only one Raindrop™ is needed to restore near vision and it is usually placed in the non dominant eye.

How long does it take?

The procedure is usually completed in about 10 minutes,.

Is it painful?

In almost all cases, there is little to no pain.

Can I combine it with my LASIK procedure?

Absolutely. The Raindrop™ procedure is a great compliment to LASIK because you can walk out of our clinic with permanently improved far and near vision.

No, it can be done by itself during a simple 10-minute procedure. The procedure does require the use of a laser to create the thin flap in the cornea.

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