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Survey Says: Laser Eye Surgery Overwhelmingly Successful

According to PRWeb, an overwhelming amount of eye-care professionals and their patients give laser eye surgery a “thumbs up”.

Rapidly growing in popularity all over the world, laser eye surgery has become a routine procedure that is life-changing for their patients and fulfilling for their doctors. Of the participants in this campaign 90% of all patients said the surgery improved their quality of life and 95% of all participants indicated they would now recommend such a procedure to their friends and family.

Once a daunting prospect, laser eye surgery is now perceived as a positive, life-altering and positive endeavor with more and more people flocking to their optometrists and ophthalmologists for  consultation. Out of 1000 potential laser eye surgery candidates over 90% were suitable for such an unobtrusive operation.

What does this? It means if you’ve considered laser eye surgery but have hesitated for any reason then it might be time to reconsider.

Or, if you’ve never considered it, maybe it’s time you do.


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