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Leamington dentist and university lecturer Rob Morgan is advising home-owners expecting trick-or-treaters this Halloween to ditch the sugary sweets and snacks and eat something with a bit more bite.

Encouraging parents to provide apples, carrots, celery and even Brussels sprouts, the Space Healthcare dentist said: “Halloween is a time for children to enjoy all things scary, but tooth decay is a horror that lasts all year round. So instead of treating the tricksters that arrive at your door with the usual chocolate and boiled sweets, why not give them something that their teeth will enjoy.

“Children often feel that receiving junk-food on Halloween is a given so why not shake things up a bit – at the very least maybe they’ll avoid your house next year.”

“Seriously though, there are a number of ways to make sure that you’re giving out food that can be enjoyed by kids, while limiting damage to their teeth and gums. For example snacks like chocolate buttons may be high in sugar, but they don’t stick to teeth so are actually better than chewy sweets.

“Other tips include handing out sugar-free treats and avoiding anything hard or sticky, and if your children do come back with buckets filled with sweets, make sure they brush their teeth!”

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