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Top Tips For Healthy Peepers

We really do need to care for our eyes, we only get one pair and they’re quite difficult to repair once they’re damaged so we’ve compiled a short list of eye care tips for life!

1. Get your eyes tested at least every two years, or sooner if you notice any changes to your vision. The best defence against eye problems is early detection and treatment.

2. Choose sunglasses with a polarising filter to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays when you’re outside, although a little more costly than non polarised lenses the pros far outweigh the cons.

3. Maintain a healthy weight and diet – everything in moderation! Staying active, eating well and maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which can result in eye problems such as diabetic retinopathy.

4. Eat your greens and yellows and reds; A diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables, particularly dark leafy greens like as spinach and orange or yellow vegetables such as carrots and peppers, help keep your eyes healthy because they contain beta-carotene, a substance that the body converts to vitamin A, an important nutrient for eye health.

5. If you don’t have them already, introduce some omega-3 fatty acids into your diet; salmon and tuna, as well as nuts such as almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts, can also help support your eye health.

6. As if you didn’t need another reason to quit; smoking kills healthy cells that would help cell regeneration and smoking increases the risk of developing AMD (Age-related macular degeneration) 3 times, compared with people who have never smoked. AMD affects the center of the retina, which is responsible for sharp, central vision needed for everyday tasks such as reading and driving.

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