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Top Tips For Pearly Whites

To avoid too many trips to the dentist outside of your routine checks, follow these simple self explanatory tips!

Most common mistake is….Brushing immediately after eating!
Everybody knows that feeling, around midday, 9 coffees and lunch = furry teeth. Your first instinct may be the brush it all away or at least chew gum, but actually this could be detrimental to you teeth. People are often afraid that the acids that cause decay do their damage immediately after a meal but the reality is that we should wait for the mouths saliva pH level to return to normal. Food and drink causes the enamel on our teeth to soften, after eating the enamel begins to harden again, brushing straight away stops this process and can cause enamel erosion. If your teeth really feel awful, use a mouthwash and wait an hour to brush.

Up down? Or left right? Little circles or big strokes?
The age old argument we can’t seem to settle on; how to brush? Really, so long as your toothbrush reaches around your whole mouth, the bristles are soft enough to manipulate into small space and you’re brushing regularly, you can brush how you like! The important part is that plaque is removed to keep your mouth healthy!

Floss too
As well as brushing, d
on’t forget to floss. Plaque gets in between teeth, which can lead to gum disease as well as tooth decay. This can go unseen until you visit the dentist, and if the decay has already set in, it could be too late. Floss, brush and mouthwash for a squeaky clean mouth.

Don’t forget your tongue!
The tongue can harbour just as much bacteria as the hard to reach places in between your teeth and should be brushed twice a day, just like your teeth! The tongue is obviously just like the rest of your body; made from infection susceptible tissue, and if for no other reason – a clean tongue aids fresh breath!


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