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Is an unstable prescription stopping you from having Laser Eye treatment?

Like many people, you may have been told that your prescription isn’t stable, and therefore you’re not suitable for laser treatment. This is one of the many myths surrounding this treatment. In reality it’s perfectly normal to have small changes in your prescription, sometimes even from day to day, and this will continue throughout your life. So if you’re waiting for your prescription to be absolutely identical from one year to the next, it might never happen! For most people their prescription will change the most during their teenage years, and will settle down by their late teens or early 20s. The minimum age that we would recommend laser eye treatment is 18yrs, because by this point most people’s eyes are fairly stable. Even if your prescription is changing, there’s no reason why you can’t benefit from laser vision correction. There could be a chance that you’ll get changes in your prescription afterwards, but in most cases these would only be very small, so you would still be able to benefit from the dramatic improvements that laser treatment brings.

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