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Myopia is short-sightedness. If you are short-sighted, distant objects will appear out of focus, whereas closer objects can be seen more clearly.

Patients who are short-sighted tend to have a steep cornea and/or a long eye. This means the point of focus falls short of the retina and you may struggle to focus on objects that are in the distance.

What to look for on your optical prescription

Myopia is recorded on optical prescriptions with a negative sign in front of the ‘sphere power’ (sph). Bigger numbers mean more significant levels of myopia

How we can help

LASIK or LASEK  treatments alter the shape of your cornea and are very effective  for a wide range of short-sightedness up to -12.00 dioptres.
Intraocular lenses (IOL), such as implantable contact lenses or refractive lens exchange, can be a even better solution for high prescription values.

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