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Reading Vision Correction

Imagine not having to hunt for your reading glasses every time you read a newspaper….imagine reading the  restaurant menu yourself…..not hunting for your glasses to work your mobile ‘phone or use the computer. And then being able to watch TV, or chat with friends without searching for your other glasses . And where did you leave the glasses you wear when you drive the car?

What is presbyopia?

You may think you’ve become ‘long-sighted’ when you start to find it difficult to read or see things close-up. In fact, you probably have a visual condition called presbyopia.

Presbyopia occurs with age and is usually first noticed between the ages of 40 and 50. The first signs are eyestrain, difficulty seeing in dim light and problems focusing on small objects and fine print.

This condition is caused by the reduced flexibility of the lens inside the eye and a gradual weakening of the muscles that helps the lens focus. This results in a deteriorating ability to focus on nearby objects. Presbyopia eventually affects everybody, so don’t think you’re on your own if you find this condition frustrating!

It’s not unusual for people to put off seeing an optometrist for glasses to correct presbyopia as it’s often perceived as a sign of ‘old age’ and the thought of wearing bifocals or varifocals can be daunting. For a while you may be able to cope by holding things further away to see them more clearly, but there does come a point when your arms are not long enough and reading glasses become inevitable!

Laser Reading Vision Correction

Laser reading vision correction may the ideal solution for you if:

  • You are 40 – 65 years old
  • You’ve been wearing reading glasses for at least 1 year
  • You have difficulty focusing on print close-up
  • You have to hold items far away from your eyes to see them clearly
  • You suffer eye strain or blurred vision

Presbyopia only affects people after age 40 and usually becomes quite noticeable by age 45.

It’s solely due to ageing of the eye, so if you are younger than 40 and you have issues with close vision,  a LASIK or LASEK treatment will be more appropriate, as your problems require a correction of the cornea.

It’s often possible to combine reading vision correction with laser eye surgery to correct both reading and distance vision.

However, if you’re over 60, chances are that you have complications other than presbyopia which may alter your underlying prescription needs – for instance, cataracts.


So, if you’re over 40 and rely on reading glasses, or cannot see print clearly any longer, arrange your FREE consultation with our experienced  optometrist for a Reading Vision Correction evaluation. Call us today on 01926 282282 or fill in the form  and we’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Reading Vision Correction – Blended Monovision and Supracor

There are now several revolutionary solutions to reading vision problems – Monovision and Supracor  are available at Space Healthcare.

Not everyone is a candidate for reading vision correction, which is why a thorough evaluation by our Optometrist is required. Call us today to arrange a FREE consultation and find out if you can benefit from these fantastic treatments!

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