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Monovision and Blended Monovision

Put simply, monovision treatment means that one eye can be corrected with the Technolas eximer laser so you’re able to focus clearly in the distance. Your other eye is treated so that you can see nearby objects clearly. Although this may initially sound strange, for those patients who are suitable it is an excellent treatment that enables both eyes to work together to give a comfortable blend of distance and near vision.

At Space Healthcare, with our advanced diagnostic suite, we create an improved, or blended monovision. The advantage of  blended monovision treatment is that it creates a slight multifocal effect in the near vision eye. This gives you an increased depth of focus, and improved distance and near vision.

The aim of blended monovision treatment is to create clear distance vision, while dramatically reducing or even eliminating the need for reading glasses for several years. The natural ageing process of the eye cannot be halted by laser treatment, and therefore at some point in the future reading glasses will probably be needed again (although at a much lower prescription than would otherwise have been required).

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