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Raindrop is a tiny inlay, 2mm across and made of nearly 80% water, which is gently placed  beneath the surface of your eye. Less than half the thickness of a human hair and about the size of a pinhead, Raindrop™ is virtually invisible. Unlike with your reading glasses, nobody will be able to tell that you’re wearing Raindrop!

Raindrop™ is the natural choice – made of a soft material called hydrogel, Raindrop has similar properties to your cornea. By gently reshaping the curvature of your eye, Raindrop will allow you to focus on close objects with ease.

Only one Raindrop™ is needed to restore near vision and it is usually placed in your non-dominant eye.

How effective is the Raindrop™ procedure?

Most people are able to see objects up close without the need for reading glasses almost immediately. All ranges of vision, near, intermediate, and distance, continue to improve over the following weeks and months. Patient satisfaction rates are over 95% just one month after the procedure.

For those in their 40s or beyond who are suffering from an inability to change focus to close-up, there’s nothing to lose: except your reading glasses.

How does it work in low light?

Very well. The Raindrop inlay gives good performance in low levels of light

How long does it take?

Like a LASIK treatment, the procedure is usually complete in a little over 10 minutes.

Can I combine Raindrop™ with my LASIK procedure?

Absolutely. The Raindrop™  procedure is a great compliment to LASIK because you can walk out with permanently improved far and near vision. Or it can be done by itself during a simple 10-minute procedure.

Visit our Raindrop website to read some real-life patient experiences with Raindrop


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