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ZYOPTIX® Diagnostics

Accurate, safe and efficient technology that calculates your precise individual treatment plan.

The Zyoptix diagnostic system enables us to create a completely personalised treatment. It is used during your initial consultation, where we make extremely accurate measurements of your eyes.

The information we gather is used by the surgeon to calculate and plan the best treatment possible. The data is passed over our dedicated computer network and transferred directly to the Technolas treatment laser, where it is used to provide your unique, individually-customised treatment.


Corneal topographer

The Orbscan measures corneal topography, a detailed description of the surfaces of your cornea. We produce four 3-D  elevation maps for each cornea – 2 for the front surface and 2 for the back surface of the cornea. This information allows us to calculate both the curvature of your cornea and its thickness at any given point. It also provides us with several other measurements, all of which are essential in assessing whether treatment is possible, and indicating which type of treatment may suit you best.


Wavefront analyzer

The Zywave takes very accurate measurements of your vision prescription – approximately 25 times more accurately than a regular sight test. It also measures and analyses the presence of higher and lower order aberrations. These are irregularities in the visual system that are unique to each person. By analysing and correcting these aberrations we can provide laser treatments to give you the sharpest vision, and minimise glare and haloes around lights at night.

Zywave also uses the unique Iris Recognition System. This measures 3920 individual points on your iris, the coloured part of your eye, so that during treatment the Technolas 217  laser can recognise each of your eyes.  In fact, it can tell you apart from every other person on the planet. This advanced and unique safety feature ensures that the correct treatment is always provided, and the correct diagnostic information is available for the clinical team.

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