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The IntraLase Method is a 100% blade-free approach to creating your LASIK flap — the thin flap of tissue that the surgeon folds back in order to perform your LASIK procedure. The IntraLase Method can only be performed using the IntraLase Laser.
Traditionally, surgeons have used an instrument called a microkeratome for the creation of LASIK flaps. The microkeratome is a hand-held blade that moves across the eye, cutting the LASIK flap as it goes. The IntraLase Method, by contrast, enables your surgeon to create an individualised LASIK flap without a blade ever touching your eye.

IntraLase LASIK: preferred by patients.

In a clinical survey of LASIK patients who had their LASIK flaps created using a blade in one eye and the IntraLase Method in the other, the vision in the IntraLase-treated eye was preferred 3-to-1 (among those who stated a preference)

It’s safe and trusted

Millions of procedures have been performed safely and effectively using the IntraLase Method.

It’s the most advanced treatment there is

The IntraLase Method gives your surgeon the highest degree of surgical control for exceptional outcomes. The 100% blade-free IntraLase Method gives you more confidence and less anxiety going in for LASIK treatment, and excellent vision coming out.

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