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Leading innovation, performance and outcomes

100489-zyoptix-personalized-visionTechnolas laser systems use the technologically advanced ZYOPTIX®  system that includes the latest features such as  Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACETM) technology. This system tracks and simultaneously adjusts the laser during LASIK and LASEK treatments. The laser follows your eye’s movement and locks if the eye moves outside of a predefined range. This is so exact that it responds immediately to movement—with an overall reaction time of just 10.7 milliseconds.

ACETM  technolgy also links with our diagnostic technology to give iris recognition for all our laser treatments.  Overall, ZYOPTIX® means innovation, performance, unsurpassed outcomes and safety, providing excellent immediate results, fewer short-term side effects and overall better vision.

In clinical trials, 99 percent of patients were extremely satisfied or satisfied—and none were dissatisfied—with their results six months following the Zyoptix procedure!


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